Digital readout (DRO) LCD 7 inch full color [1000MC]

Digital readout (DRO) LCD 7 inch full color [1000MC]

จอแสดงผล LCD 7 นิ้ว WB6880-S [1000MC]


WB series of Digital readout (DRO) can use with optical linear scales and magnetic linear scales. Addition of 2-3 scale data, linearity error, compensation, smooting, RS232C interface unit, BCD code out, zero setting, preset, resolution setting, counting direction setting, inch/mm conversion, ABC/INC convesion, expansion/contraction setting, calculation, detecting RI, bolt-hole circle machining, ramp circle machining.


Technical specifications WB6880-S [1000MC]
Item Details
 Screen size  7" TFT true color LCD
 Resolution  0.05µm, 0.1µm, 0.2µm, 0.5µm, 1µm, 2µm, 5µm, 10µm, 20µm, 50µm
 Working volgae   5V DC power supply
 Output signal   TTL 6 : A,/A,B,/B,Z,/Z
 Input axis   Can work at 2/3 axis
 Max response frequency   1M HZ
 Working condition  0ºC\+50ºC
 EMC   Electrostatic discharge (EN61000-4-2)
 Radio frequency (EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-6)
 Electrical transient (EFT:EN61000-4-4)
 Surge (EN61000-4-5)
 Power frequency magnetic field (EN61000-4-8)





 WTB Series Sealed Linear Encoders


 Model No.  Size  Reading
 mm  micrometer
 WTB5-0350 350  5 µm
 WTB5-0450 450  5 µm
 WTB5-0850 850  5 µm
 WTB5-1000 1000  5 µm




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